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We are enjoying our new fireplace, and our customers just love the wonderful addition! What a great addition to the ambiance of our 150 year old carriage barn. ~Brews & Brats at Arbor Hill, Bristol NY
Wayne & Randy, Thank you all for doing such a fantastic job on my fireplace. It has been turned on since it was installed a couple of weeks ago (December 2012). We love it, and it adds so much to the cottage!!! - Michael Healy, Canandaigua Lake, NY
My parents bought a stove almost 20 yrs ago, it is has been their main source of heat since. The stove has needed very little upkeep and cleaning; it has more than treated them well! Plus it's such a beautiful feature in the room -- regardless of whether it's in use or not! Sarah C. - Macedon, NY
Owner of Heritage Fireplace is one of the nicest, most honest, trustworthy person I've ever met. Rare find in today's marketplace. Wayne has my utmost respect and I highly recommend his commitment to providing his customers with superior service. -Debby M., Gananda, NY
I wanted to sincerely thank Heritage Fireplace for assisting us with a fireplace for our "living showroom" and Culinary Center. We wanted to create a room with a stunning, warm, and relaxing atmosphere. This was definitely achieved! Whether the room is being utilized to meet with our kitchen remodel clients or for our culinary classes, it makes the experience much more enjoyable and memorable. Thanks again! - Frank Vella, Vella Bath & Kitchen, Inc.  
Recently Wayne, the owner of Heritage, saved the day for me! I called looking for information on a woodstove in a home that my client was purchasing. I was just looking for a quick estimate, but he went above and beyond for us. His daughter Lindsay helped me get in touch with him, and he was able to look through photos I sent him, to tell me the exact make and model of what we had, and what we were looking for! You put myself and my clients at ease...even when you didn't have to! THANK YOU SO MUCH WAYNE! - Mandy Friend, Nothnagle Realtors
Greetings from Chuckey TN! We made it home with no trouble on the way… Mark installed the insert and it looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I can hardly wait for winter so we can fire it up! Thanks again for everything; We loved our first two Pacific Stoves we purchased from you so I am sure we will love this one too! #1 Wood Stove Retailer (I should know I drove 1,500 miles roundtrip to buy my new stove from you!!) - Mark & Heidi, Chuckey TN
My wife and I purchased a Majestic gas fireplace for an addition to our home.  We have had the unit for over 10 years and have had 0 problems with it.  It really enhances the look and comfort of the room.  Wayne and the staff at Heritage gave us a good price and were very concerned about our satisfaction.  We would definitely recommend Heritage to our friends and neighbors.  -  Scott, Macedon, NY
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